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VISIONS - Nov-Dec, 2009



A Time for Celebration and Renewal

We begin by wishing you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy Kwanzaa. If none of that fits, please accept our wishes that the rest of your day and all of your tomorrows be all that you envision and more!

Once again we enter into a season of celebration, and say THANK YOU to everyone who has provided stories, inspiration, positive feedback, or prayers. The past twelve months have been filled with expanded opportunity, new experiences and explosive growth. Despite the story told by the numbers in my checkbook, there is new hope in many of our recent experiences.

According to the statistics from our software tracking system, VISIONS is now being read in more than a dozen countries. We now share information worldwide on FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN and other social media sites by taking advantage of the rapid growth of the World Wide Web. During the past twelve months, we have established four social media groups. The membership in groups we’ve founded totals over two hundred individuals. Even more significant is the input and positive feedback we are receiving from many family, friends and associates, along with new and renewed relationships. All this is possible only because of God’s Blessings, and you can say you helped, because you are among those blessings.

I’ve become involved in new opportunities, including taking advantage of free webinars (on-line seminars) that share the knowledge, experience and concern of others from the convenience of a home computer. I’ve experienced new possibilities by connecting with new family members, and gaining mentors and contacts around the world.

Just recently I connected almost by accident (it was really much more than that!) with Keith Lightfoot, a well known author and speaker from Christchurch, New Zealand, a place I had visited several years ago. Keith has so far been responsible for me gaining a new contact in David Whyte, while a family member was responsible for me connecting with VaLisa J. Bakke of Norway.

Meeting new people, continued education, new opportunities are just a few of the tangible and intangible results that arrive at my doorstep daily. One of the many intangible results is benefiting and being empowered by the message I have long shared with others.

Is what I do for everyone? Of course not, but for each one who seeks personal and professional growth, becoming an asset to the community, or simply finding peace and harmony, there are opportunities in our midst. My challenge and vision is to be a part of the solution you seek, by lending my encouragement and support. My hope is that you will join me in that effort during the coming year, sharing your visions, accomplishments and challenges with myself and other VISIONS readers. I am convinced that our collective strengths can overcome our individual weaknesses. I am convinced we were put here on earth for each other, so my commitment is to continue to be here for you. Won’t you join me?

LOOK OUT WORLD! Here comes Brendan Dobbins

Thanks to Brenda Dixon for introducing Mr. Brendan Dobbins. He was born Aug. 15, 2009 at 4 lbs., 10 oz. and 18 ¾ inches long. The Son of Hearther and Terrance, this is Brenda Dixon’s 1st Grandchild. Praise God! He is now 7.5 lbs and 21 inches long (as of Sep. 30). See for Brendan’s Slide Show. Anyway, Brendan decided he can tell his story better than anyone else, so please read his captions.

Congratulations to Tyler Chancellor

The Headline from The Twinsburg Bulletin read Tigers’ Chancellor reaches cross country regionals. “Tigers” are the nickname of Twinsburg High’s Track Team. Anyway, our CONGRATULATIONS to Tyler Chancellor, son of Sheila Chancellor and Carl Chancellor on yet another achievement. Tyler has been featured in VISIONS several times in the past. His faith, hard work, and persistence are reaping a bountiful harvest, and we wish him continued success.

Congratulations Martin Williams

CONGRATULATIONS to Martin Dakota Williams who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University. Martin is a Twinsburg, Ohio resident and the son of Maureen and Walter Williams.

What is Success?

By: Willie Johnson
Performance Improvement Consultant

Wherever my career takes me – from my home town of Yuma, Arizona, to 23 years in the U.S. Army, to being a Performance Improvement and Training Consultant with a Fortune 500 transportation company – I encounter people pursuing an aged old quest: “SUCCESS”.

So, what is success? I certainly do not have the all-time definitive answer to that question; however, I can say - success is in the eye of the beholder. (Success to one may not be success to another.) Success is not an accident or a matter of luck. Success doesn’t come to you; you must go to it. Therefore, it is my belief that success is a matter of decision, commitment, preparation, and execution. The trail is well marked. If you want to walk it, you can – the secret is in the steps.

Step 1: Decision. The road to success begins with the question: What do you want to do? In other words, decide what you want in life – by making a decision that comes from deep within you. This means taking the time to really get to know you; becoming familiar with your strengths and weaknesses and the way in which you respond to your environment. This will allow you to learn where you are strong and play to your strengths.

Step 2: Commitment. A commitment is your signature on the contract. It binds you to a course of action. You have heard it before – “It’s one thing to decide what you want. It’s another thing to make a commitment.” When you make a sincere commitment to a goal, powerful forces, from within you, come into play, and that propels you toward that goal.

Step 3: Preparation. Once you know where you want to go, the next logical step is to prepare for the journey. (Someone once said, “If you don’t know where you are going – how are you going to know how to get there. Better yet, how are you going to know when you get there?”) The preparation phase involves acquiring the life balance you will need to keep yourself on course, and the motivation to provide you with the energy to see things through.

Step 4: Execution. A brilliant game plan is no good without the proper execution. While it is paramount to have a game plan for your life – you have to implement it through positive action. Coupled with the action must be a learning process that allows you to learn from your inevitable mistakes. Winners in life expect to make mistakes; however, they use them as lessons.

There you have it – my answer to the question: What is Success? It is my sincere belief that if you follow these four steps, you will succeed – not because there is magic in my shared formula (steps), but because there is power in you – the power to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in your “quest for success”.

Adam VanHo for Judge in Northern Summit County

Northern Summit County Residents

PLEASE VOTE Adam VanHo for Judge



Fraternal Order of Police
Summit County Sheriff's Deputies Lodge # 139

Betty Sutton
United States Congresswoman

Tom Sawyer
State Senator

Russ Pry
Summit County Executive

John Donofrio
Summit County Fiscal Officer

Daniel Horrigan
Summit County Clerk of Courts

Nick Kostandaras
President, Summit County Council

Jon Poda
Vice President, Summit County Council

Pete Crossland
Summit County Council

Jerry Feeman
Summit County Council

Ilene Shapiro
Summit County Council

Communications Workers of America
Local 4302 (Akron / Canton)

For additional endorsements and latest information visit

Important Community Meeting - Tuesday, Nov. 17th

Parents, Educators, Clergy, Business Owners, Professionals, Community Leaders, Students, and all Concerned Individuals - Would you spend two hours . .

Acknowledging Young High Achievers

Addressing Community Issues

Discussing Relevant Projects

Learning Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills

Meeting Others Who Can Help You Meet Your Personal and Professional Goals

Promoting Your Business or Enhancing Your Career

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, please
Join us on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 6:00 PM

“We must become the change we want to see.” - Gandhi

YOUR Invitation to an Important Community Event

October 22, 2009

Dear BDPA Members & Friends:

For a while now we have sought ways to rejuvenate our Cleveland Chapter by doing new and exciting things. A while ago, we announced the initiation of a “technology peace corps” type initiative called the BDPA Information Technology Corps (IT Corps) which is intended to address community development by applying our members and students’ computer skills throughout the year on short projects. We have an opportunity to start that process in earnest now.

I first need your participation in a special recognition event to honor our students that participated in this year’s Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (SITES) program and High School Computer Competition (HSCC). The event will be on November 17th at John Carroll University, at 6:00 P.M.

To attend this event, we additionally invited civic leaders, business persons, and parents to explore two simple questions in a brief panel discussion: What are the pressing issues in our Greater Cleveland communities that impede the growth of this area? Do you foresee a role for computer technology to address these priorities?

The most important contribution we are asking for is candid input on development priorities so that we can get the IT Corps rolling relevantly. Our youth teams will be using this information to shape projects that they will undertake here in Cleveland and later on internationally. For example, next year, the BDPA IT Corps has been invited to Nairobi, Kenya to extend the same format of inquiry and community development in our first international mission.

I would appreciate that you attend and send a confirmation email. The recognition ceremony and panel discussion will take place on the John Carroll University campus, University Heights, Ohio, 44118, in the Dolan Center for Science & Technology, Room A202 & 203, on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, at 6:00 P.M. Light refreshments will be served. The program will begin promptly at 6:30 and will last 90 minutes. We would appreciate that you confirm your intentions to attend by sending a confirmation email to, or calling (216) 773-0700 and leaving a voice-message, or sending a text-message to this same number, at your earliest convenience.

We will have parents and their students there being honored that evening. It would be great for us to show up in force to show we truly appreciate them and their continuing interest in BDPA and our Chapter. Also, this event is our very best opportunity to put our information exchange back on track. I hope I can count on you to be there. Please RSVP.

Kenneth L. Wilson
BDPA - Cleveland Chapter

BDPA is committed to promoting information technology to students, members, communities and businesses. For a span of more than 26 years BDPA has successfully groomed and assisted local youth through its annual High School Computer Competition (HSCC) program. BDPA’s innovative Information Technology (IT) Corps is opening up economic-empowerment opportunities globally and for Cleveland and Northeast, Ohio. Our Classroom-to-Career-to-Boardroom initiatives continue to enrich technology professionals and our area youth.


Happy "Surprise" Birthday to Ronald Dozier

The Banner “Happy 60th Birthday Dozier” was a complete surprise that greeted Ronald Dozier when he arrived at what he had been told would be a surprise party for Val Brown.

Of course Ron was supposed to be surprised, because he should expect to believe what his wife Paula tells him. That’s especially true when none of his longtime friends, relatives and associates spilled the beans.

It was near standing room only when Ron arrived, and as one would expect, it was an evening of celebrating, reminiscing, and emotions as many expressed deep appreciation of Ron’s friendship and family commitment.

The urge and tendency to “Roast” Ron took a back seat to heartfelt feelings. Even the “real men” were sometimes fighting back the tears, and we won’t name them, but they know who they are.

All we can say to Ron is “Happy, Happy Birthday,” and wish him many more. And by the way Ron, you can start believing what Paula tells you again, at least until your next Birthday!

A Slide Show of additional photos from Ron's party can be seen at

Happy Birthday Val Brown

Now it’s Val Brown’s turn! No one in their right mind would try to surprise Val. Besides, she is one of the “Birthday Club” that gets together the Birthday of each member. Although it wasn’t a surprise, as usual, big fun was had by all. So Happy Birthday Val for another one, but who is counting? A Slide Show of additional photos from Val's party can be seen at

Congratulations to Deacon Ronald Andrew

Congratulations to Deacon Ronald Andrew who was recently ordained at the New Testament Deliverance Church in Washington, DC. A photo and the program of Deacon Andrew's Ordination can be seen at

Congratulations to Deacon William Spencer, Jr.

Congratulations to Deacon William Spencer, Jr. who was recently ordained at East Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Photos and video of Deacon Spencer's Ordination can be seen at

Congratulations to Rev. Larry Macon, Jr.

CONGRATULATIONS to Rev. Larry Macon, Jr. on the Completion of his Masters of Theology. Rev. Macon Jr. is an Associate Pastor at the Mt. Zion Church of Oakwood Village, in Oakwood Village, Ohio. Mt. Zion's Pastor is Rev. Dr. Larry L. Macon, Sr.

Christmas Cards - An Economical Alternative

If your closets, crawl spaces, attics and spare rooms are cluttered, you are not alone. In a society accustomed to excess, some of that excess can be attributed to Christmas Gifts. No, I’m not a Scrooge, but if you (1) Have any unused (or unwanted) gifts lying around, or (2) Discarded any of the same during the past year, or (3) Reluctantly give some gifts only because you think those people will to give you one, or (4) Are still paying off the credit card (principal and interest) from last year’s overindulgence; then say Amen and try to take this message in context.

In these economically challenging times, it is especially important to re-visit what we expect of ourselves and others, and re-evaluate our priorities. We have available a large selection of a reasonably priced alternative for showing how much you care.

We have an extensive collection of Christmas and other greeting cards available on-line through our web site at (saves time, money, and scheduling) or if you live within our service area and prefer personal contact, we have several catalogues you can browse through. The Deadline for ordering is Saturday, November 28th. PLEASE, call us today at 216-348-4612 for an appointment or visit the web site above.

The Wedding

Weddings are always special, almost always expensive, and usually stressful. We are here to keep them special, minimize the expense, and reduce the stress. What better ways to reduce the stress than by beginning the planning process early and minimizing the expense? What better time in a young person’s life to help them learn planning and budgeting than during the process of wedding planning? Of course a better time for them to have learned would have been prior to now, but it most instances, that has not been the case.

Whether you are the Bride-to-Be, Groom-to-Be, the involved (and paying) parents or grandparents, Wedding Planner, or concerned friend or associate, please see what we have to offer before making one of the largest financial and emotional decisions of a lifetime. We have been providing top quality invitations, announcements and accessories at reasonable prices for over twenty-eight years. We can save you a minimum of 20% off your purchase while providing the benefit of our experience and genuine concern.

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