Monday, August 31, 2009


Reflecting upon the cover article by guest contributor Willie Johnson, Jackie McDonald’s Retirement party included many stories of her “Living to the Max” by her involvement and contributions to her family, to her career, to her church and to her community. The huge turnout was a testament to her many accomplishments, but beyond those accomplishments, were the even more moving and touching stories of how she impacted the lives of others.

It was clear that during Jackie’s career the choices she made while following her objectives, almost always provided service, comfort and inspiration to others. Guests travelled from many parts of the country to show their love and appreciation for Jackie. And there are few people who can boast of having the mayor of their community attend their retirement party. One of Jackie’s outstanding qualities is that of being humble, so you may not hear that boast from her. In fact, as a demonstration of her thoughtfulness and her attention to detail, the Thank You Note arrived at our home just days after this fantastic affair. And Yes, Jackie’s Thank You was handwritten and signed, but I removed the signature for our newsletter publication.

We congratulate Jackie on a successful career and we are preparing ourselves for even greater things in the future.

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