Monday, August 31, 2009

Youth & Young Adult Corner - Staying in School

Getting out of school any way that you can sometimes seems to be the most important thing in the lives of many teenagers. Unfortunately, the “Getting out” and the “any way” overrides logic, reason, and the pleas of many a wise and experienced parent, counselor, friend or relative.

Steven Crudup is an excellent example of someone who stayed the course and graduated from high. Since that time he has experienced the world and much of what it has to offer, helped to defend this nation, and is now looking forward to, YES, returning to school. After completing high school Steven volunteered for a tour with the U.S. Marines. I personally don’t know why it is called a tour. My definition of a tour is something fun and leisurely. I can’t tell someone else what fun is to them, but leisurely requires a very big stretch of the imagination. Anyway, a Daniel Webster I am not, so I will get back to the point of this article.

Steven has traveled virtually around the world and experienced situations that most people can only dream about. In addition to traveling to various parts of the United States, Steven has been in far off places such as Dubai and Bahrain in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Spain and Italy. Knowing just a little bit about the military, I am sure he has been to places he may never reveal. Steven has spent time aboard the famed USS Iwo Jima, and no doubt felt the emotions of being on a vessel whose name represents a proud but bloody period in American History.

Despite and after all of that, Steven has decided that when his “tour of duty” is over in December he will return to SCHOOL! Actually that is not totally true. Steve cannot wait to get back into school, so during his last days as a proud U.S. Marine, he has already taken three courses on line and is carrying an “A” average!

While some of you cannot wait to get out, Steve cannot wait to get back in. The point is (especially as pertains to seniors), you are so close to experiencing and enjoying the fruits of an education that many would and are dying for. Please exercise the patience and wisdom that will complete the strong educational foundation you must rely on the rest of your life.

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