Monday, August 31, 2009

Living Life to the MAX!

By: Willie Johnson, Performance Improvement and Training Consultant

Living to the “MAX” means competing with you – and you alone. Therefore, throughout life, in all that you do, pursue your purpose, not someone else’s.

On a regular basis, I emphasize to my one and only daughter Andrea, that she should live life to the max and pursue her purpose - on her terms and not someone else’s. (Smiles), like many other parents, I get push back (you know what I mean) but, I persist with my mission by sharing lesson’s I have learned from life; in the hope that she would endure less struggles; as she continues on her life journey.

Through this short article - I will share with you, three of the philosophies I learned (sometimes the hard way) and passed on to my daughter. Knowledge of these philosophies has been beneficial to me and my daughter as well. I am certain that if you embrace these philosophies, they will be beneficial to you also; in your quest to living life to the max, and pursuing your purpose.

Number 1: Push Negativity From Your Life: It has been said that there are two types of people in the world. There are positive people and there are negative people. Look at your circle of friends. If someone is constantly belittling your dreams, then recognize that person as a dream buster and a drawback to your achievements and purpose. If someone causes you to employ self-destructive tendencies, acknowledge that person is not a friend. Accept that you must push away such negative people from your life. Why? Life is too short to waste a single moment on negative people. Life is also too precious to waste it with those who wear you down, rather than build you up. Therefore; prune away negative people, thinking, and habits from your life.

Number 2: Put Positive People into Your Life: Too often we feel that we have to or must face our problems alone. We are not comfortable admitting our pain, inexperience, or lack of resources. In other words – “pride” (ole ego) gets in the way. When we shut others out, at the same time, we shut ourselves in. Too many of us are trying to cope alone, when we would be much better off if we would just reach out for help. (I personally learned that lesson the hard way – but never again) If we embrace the first philosophy of letting negative people go from our life, that would open the way for us to receive positive people into our lives. Therefore; don’t be too proud to ask for help, particularly from those who are wiser, older, more experienced, and maintain a positive outlook on life. Pull into your life positive, supportive, networking, like-minded people who nurture you and your dreams.

Number 3: Pursue Your Purpose – Not Someone Else’s: Inside every one of us is a deep call of destiny. All of us have a unique purpose; for which we are called. Therefore, living life to the MAX requires that we understand that our success in life is not measured by how much we have accomplished compared to what we could have accomplished. Instead, our success in life is what we have accomplished compared to what we could have accomplished with our talents and potential.

All that glitters is not gold. We (society) desperately need individuals who will be true to their purpose, not the purpose of others – while living their life to the “MAX”.

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