Monday, August 31, 2009

Saving at Christmas

If your closets, crawl spaces, attics and spare rooms are cluttered, you are not alone. In a society accustomed to excess, some of that excess can be attributed to Christmas Gifts. No, I’m not a Scrooge, but if you (1) Have any unused (or unwanted) gifts lying around, or (2) Discarded any of the same during the past year, or (3) Reluctantly give some gifts only because you think those people will to give you one, or (4) Are still paying off the credit card (principal and interest) from last year’s overindulgence; then say Amen and try to take this message in context.

In these economically challenging times, it is especially important to re-visit what we expect of ourselves and others, and re-evaluate our priorities. We have available a large selection of a reasonably priced alternative for showing how much you care.

We have an extensive collection of Christmas and other greeting cards available on-line through our web site at (saves time, money, and scheduling) or if you live within our service area and prefer personal contact, we have several catalogues you can browse through. If you plan to order through our catalogue, additional savings and bonus offers are available if we can schedule you to complete your order before September 27th. But PLEASE, call us today at 216-348-4612 for an appointment.

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