Monday, August 31, 2009

The Wedding

Weddings are always special, almost always expensive, and usually stressful. We are here to keep them special, minimize the expense, and reduce the stress. What better ways to reduce the stress than by beginning the planning process early and minimizing the expense? What better time in a young person’s life to help them learn planning and budgeting than during the process of wedding planning? Of course a better time for them to have learned would have been prior to now, but it most instances, that has not been the case.

Whether you are the Bride-to-Be, Groom-to-Be, the involved (and paying) parents or grandparents, Wedding Planner, or concerned friend or associate, please see what we have to offer before making one of the largest financial and emotional decisions of a lifetime. We have been providing top quality invitations, announcements and accessories at reasonable prices for over twenty-eight years. We can save you a minimum of 20% off your purchase while providing the benefit of our experience and genuine concern.

Give us a call at 216-348-4612. You can enjoy even greater savings and the convenience of ordering from your own home by accessing our huge on-line selection at

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